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Long Term Signing ( Note: you are able to go to the sell to Buy Fifa 14 Coins, or in the event you fifa rating reached 15 – is the main menu level, you can buy a contract in 99 games generally menu EASFC catalogue, and discover an associate for you it can. )

First Mission ( Description: start career mode, team manager career, then into scouting, earnings of three scouts, choose anybody would get delivered to any region )You Struck Gold!

( Note: a trophy then select another tab (Attributes), after which it select the three attributes ( including Playmaker, Dribbler from options in, First Team Standard).

superior to random selection, then you’re in general menu of coaching career in a few days you’ll find the squad, the players found the trophy when it won should the player isn’t found, you’ll be able to adjust the scouts delivered to the region.

for example the selection of Juventus, then shipped to an italian man , region better. ) Get Fifa Coins from our site and much more fifa 14 coins news in here.

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