Ya think waiting until next weekend to play Cheap Wildstar Platinum sucks?

Are you discovering that being limited to level Cheap Wildstar Platinum  is a lot like wearing a soggy turtleneck? Systems work efficiently WE!

Starting tomorrow, the servers is going to be live in addition to the party ain’t stopping until Sunday night! Also, the level 17 cap is dead and is also now being substituted on an even 20 cap.

My quick math skills inform me that’s another 3 levels! This bonus weekend can be a method of getting more testing time for many people, awesome, besides more game time just like you and also require Pre-ordered, double awesome!

It truly is our technique of gathering the feedback we cherish and saying appreciate it to all or any individuals loyal testers.

And that’s why natural meats like it in case you logged on  Cheap WS Gold this weekend, enjoyed the actual surplus 3 levels as well as bonus game time mainly because it will greatly allow us to be considered a ton more prepared come launch day June 3rd.

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