Within the FIFA 14 Coins stars on the horizon for 2014

I count one, actually—FIFA 14 Coins, which definitely seems to be in solid hands with the label’s Fight Night crew, and will obtain a proper showcase on next-generation systems. In reality, that pushes Fight Night itself off its cycle. Off-year releases like tennis—either for 2K Sports or EA—are from the discussion. Licensed arcade titles—things like The Bigs, or NFL Blitz or NBA Jam—were keep out of 2013 and appearance to become a nonfactor for 2014 as well.

I’ve long argued—and vehemently—that sports are all the an indispensible element of mainstream gaming as Cod, Super Mario, or whatever PC gamers were cooing over this month. Sports are invariably an organic and natural subject for video games for the reason that sports themselves are very well designed games, balanced over decades, if not centuries, of play.

Yet when i made this FIFA Coins, I have also recognized that having special awards to the genre also reinforced what it’s all about which it was an outlier, something whose best specimens would have to be judged by the separate standard. And from now on, when sports has not been more distant from the mainstream games discussion, I can’t even feign an awards ceremony to prop it up.

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