We now have a lot of announcements to share along today, so let’s dive right into it!

We’re excited to finally share that WildStar will officially launch on June 3, 2014! Just a few more months before you can visit planet Nexus. 

Pre-orders for WildStar begin on March 19th. To obtain all the info in the awesome pre-order bonuses you get, including headstart, beta access, plus a FREAKING ROCKET HOUSE, check out our pre-order page!

To date, the NDA for Wildstar Gold has officially lifted! Anyone inside beta is free to speak about their experiences, share screenshots, video, livestream, blog, tweet, vine, haiku, and much more!

It is often an incredibly epic ride from the start of beta in 2009 to today, so we couldn’t be happier to possess you around. Anticipate more streams, more content, and much more excitement as we get closer to the making date, and join us on March 19th to pre-order WildStar!

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