(Update: This information  Cheap Wildstar Platinum originally had an incorrect time with the stream. It was corrected to wildstar gold.)
Is it possible to smell what are the Granok is cooking?!

This week will probably rock your world, as we reveal our 1st class drop and have prepared to smash some skulls! Whilst this class is but one you’re informed about at this point, there’s a metric s!

tload of new information to speak about. But we’re besides likely to to *tell* you concerning this, oh no, we’re likely to explain to you!

Tune in to your 1st class livestream this Saturday at 12PM PST on Twitch! We’ll supply you with a close check into how the class looks, feels and plays, as well as explain the recent changes and reveal juicy, tender, info.

Also, now’s livestream could be the premiere in our brand-new game build, which will be playable once the Winter Beta begins in December. You’ll see a great deal of gameplay updates, system changes, game polish, and even more!

We’ll start diving in to these things week-by-week, but if there will be something specific you would like to hear more about, let us know www.wildstargold4u.com/WildStar-gold-us/  over the livestream by joining the Twitch chat!

Look on Wednesday for your first of many exciting weeks, and we’ll follow-up on Saturday with lots of live, witty, and occasionally somewhat unsettling, banter.

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