We also received lots of feedback that Wildstar Platinum info on your target

While using the Engineer as our current “worst case scenario”, inside image above you’ll notice with two secondary action bars  Wildstar Platinum utilized, the Engineer’s play space is roofed by UI that consumes with the screen through the bottom. This almost always required zooming you in order improve combat mobility.

We also received lots of feedback that info on your target (over the rest the above mentined image) felt too disconnected from the place you were usually looking during combat (typically around your characters feet).

We took both those points and experimented with address them by stripping things out and flattening the pyramid. See what it seems like now?
This is actually the same Engineer you saw previously. There’s additional space available under his feet! Check this out if you don’t believe me!
A substantial amount space that’s exposed in such cases came from splitting the “additional hotbars” and wearing them  www.wildstargold4u.com/WildStar-gold-us/ either side of one’s skills. We’re looking to eliminate the requirement of having numerous buttons by building dedicated health consumable and mount buttons (which include quick access flyouts).

We’re hoping this may lessen the require 24 icons on the watch’s screen all the time, but we’ll be trying to beta testers that can help provide feedback after they’ve gotten their face to face the revolutionary UI.

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