Vote on runescape 3 gold Retro fighting mode

As part of the “runescape 3 gold” initiative, the community can vote on whether developers Jagex should purchase a “retro combat mode” or otherwise. Applications are open to members on the RuneScape community and free-to-play veterans.

The mode would both members and free-to-play allow players to seamlessly plunge to the classic combat system, that has been active until the end of 2012. The vote about the retro battle mode ends on 14 Februar 2014.

“On the first ‘Player on the Macht’ vote, where the Mitlieder who voted for the introduction of an complete new town in Buy 07 RS Gold, there is an incredible response.’s why i am now anticipating a lot more to the players another to spread out strategy to determine fundamental the different parts of the action they fascination with over 13 years, ” Dean Ollive, Content Development Manager says in RuneScape. ”

While using the players towards the Macht’ initiative, we wanted to make sure that town the RS Gold¬†gets that they desire. Our proposal of any retro battle mode is often a further strike the way to this important goal to succeed in. “

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