Update on Spamming Issues for RoI Gold

In our efforts to handle spammers that have appeared in Riders of Icarus Gold NA  game, we have decided to temporarily increase the level needed to use Megaphones to Level 30. Due to the current level cap of 25, this means that Riders will not be able to use this feature for the time being.

Riders of Icarus Gold NA

Riders of Icarus Gold NA


This is a temporary measure intended to provide a better overall gameplay experience for our Riders while we work towards a permanent, long-term solution.No server maintenance will be required for this change, but you will receive a small game update before your next game launch.


You can block spammers in-game by clicking “O” which will bring up your “Friends” list. Go
to the “Block” tab which will allow you to input any character names you wish to block.


You can report spammers by submitting a Customer Support ticket. Please provide a screenshot of the spammed message and the in-game character name. You can submit a ticket at our Customer Support site.Thank you for your continued patience and support as we continue to address this issue.

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