Treasure Hunt Uniforms skills in Runescape Gold

You are missing a few items for the complete outfit blacksmith? Your outfit seer just isn’t yet complete Runescape Gold ?

Do not worry! This week’s Scavenger Hunt, you’ll be able to try and do your required skills by opening chests from Wednesday, March 26th at midnight GMT!

Each holding member with competence will give you 1% extra XP with the practice of that skill. Carrying the 5 components of an outfit, this increased in order to six% XP!

Usually rare in Treasure hunts, the abilities needed to appear oftener now, replacing the same with chances to win one too, and even seven!

Wednesday to Saturday, each day you additional chances to win products in a couple of specific outfits. However, on Rs 07 gold  and Monday, you are able to win all seven outfits!

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