Three Golden Tricks to Defeat Level 32 Titan in Final Fantasy XI Gil

Titan would be the strong boss in Final Fantasy XI Gil : A Realm Reborn.To get a Tank class, there is not much stress to defeat the boss.

With regards to me, a Healer has big challenge in the fight against Titan. The healer is a useful one at healing but weak in fighting. However, the boss casts AOE skills to address all players. The healer isn’t going to only heals but avoid Titan’s AOE skills; otherwise, it really is simple for the healing class to die.

The Boss Defeat Strategy
1.Titan has the AOE skill to jump rising and deal problems for all players. The farther you happen to be on the boss, the reduced damage you obtain.

2.The boss can cast Landslide to deal high damage in the frontal line. All players ought to prevent the skills.

3.When it loses of Health, Titan will be able to cast Earthen Fury with quite high damage. So long as the boss is getting ready to  Cheap FFXIV Gilcast fury, all players avoid immediately. An individual will be hit by Earthen Fury, you’ll lose 500 Health Points.


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