They should be look more at singleBuy 07 Rs Gold

If they can have had things like the Grand Commendations, getting reps over the farm, being capable Buy 07 Rs Gold  of getting rep through dungeons and forms of conditions, etc, early in the game, I believe less people may have become discouraged.

I know the were good, and in addition NEEDED changes,, and that i commend Blizzard for providing remedies with a few patches, but for the next expansion, Lets hope they consider these types of things from the beginning, seeing that they’ve known such problems can exist.

I can not understand individuals causeing this for being game faster just isn’t better. ive been playing 6 a few years people keep doing what to run people off like the blood coins and professions are almost a waste you make payment for months generating a product that’s a lot a lot less than drops. provide us with something to finish while waiting utilizing a raid or bg.

a lot of people play alone and anyone that’s lucky you get a friend in game. all the same the whole game is set up for virtually any guild Runescape gold  base raid even farming mats while waiting.

They should be look more at single players joining a raid or bg but even this really is punished with joining a bg you get within a group against a guild bg group which means you become a target for points and raid finder can be viewed only 1 guild raid with gear and lots of varieties of.

I love to help people and that i have 3 guilds and officer of an single. there has to be methods to resulted in game for single players and groups

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