The tricks that you can play FF14 Gil For Sale Tank Paladin better

We all believe that Tank and Healer FF14 Gil For Sale  not have to wait much long to participate an dungeon. Many players seek to play Tank and Healer as their secondary classes. But do you really know how Tank work? Paladin will be a great site for you to tank. Regarding how. We will show you.

You will find five things you must remember
Keep your Provoke closed. open with Shield Lob. Shield Lob is really a long-distance skill which might pull the mob in your direction along with enhance the enmity. Then Circle of Scorn to have your aggro on all of the pulls.

Then Flash twice in the beginning of the pull. Then use Rage of Halone and Savage Blade within the first target. Then swith to another target to discover if other players are over doing the enmity. Flash again.
First target with ROH combination plus the third you to definitely check. For anyone who is lazy, you could operate the FF11 Gil combination to address in a very team. The only thing you have to do is usually to engage the enmity.

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