The self-help guide to upgrade weapon to item level 100 in FFXIV Patch

Final Fantasy XIV Gil , the amount of something determines the grade of item. A product with more fantastic range usually be superior than item with lower level.

When your character at level 50, you can obtain equipment rich in item level through various methods. Today, i am glad to talk about two techniques to upgrade weapon to item level 100.

Mirror in the Whorl is definitely a rare drop in the Whorleater which may transforms your item Level 95 wave weapon and Shield into item level 100. It seems like the fast technique to gain levels weapon, but it is really hardest.

We’ve explored Whorleater in excess of FF14 Gil For Sale  times, nothing i can get. While, the other player got 3 after 100 times explored. Regarding now, the drop rate of Mirror with the Whorl about , but you will find 7 players share it along. So, the chance you will get ffxi gil about . Actually, if you wish to rely on Mirror On the Whorl to upgrade weapon, it is farthest way.
The drop rate of Level 100 valuables in Coil of Bahamut is 100%. Players will obtain 30 Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery for completing each turn. Allagan Tomestone Of Soldiery has been around since patch .

Players can exchange these Tomestones for level 100 Weathered Armor and Accessories and Rowena’s Token by giving these to Auriana in Mor Dhona .While, regarding now the PT just isn’t high and the items distribution inside a group is uncertain. So, good luck!


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