The road of Exile Item Features from the New Cheap RS 3 Gold Safe

There are many adjustments to the path of exile Cheap RS 3 Gold Safe  patch; some of them take relation to your playing, so that you must pay more attention to them.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the additional features in the 0.11.0 patch, thus every one of the game players can know the dimensions and changes better.

The revolutionary race events will appear around the character selection screen directly

Your next few race events will probably be shown around the character selection screen. This change seems to be small, however it can make it easier to see what events begins in the near feature.

Before this change, the squad should look at the full event calendar within the official website, now it’s more convenient.

The trail of exile team said that, one of the many goals of 07 Runescape Gold patch would be to make players select league easier, and grab running/upcoming events can make this happen goal.

You’ll find the screenshot in the new path of exile item feature, nevertheless the screenshot isn’t the final UI for the feature.

With the screenshot, you can understand how the smoothness screen will look within the new patch.

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