The question has become identical over the whole team

Saturday night bound up using a party, full of Wildstar Gold  karaoke (including our seek to withhold swag unless Azzuri performed “Call Me Maybe”), a photobooth (photos which you’ll find on Facebook) and also a fierce battle against Metal Maw.
After many valiant deaths, all of us of fans and developers took down the vicious Metal Maw.

The tired (and maybe hungover) attendees woke up early Sunday morning to discover most of our panels, including a feedback session specific towards the Deradune demo the attendees played. We learned plenty by what they liked and didn’t in Deradune.

in addition to being everyone left to trap their flights, we returned to the studio confident in what changes and tweaks there were for making to produce WildStar more desirable.

Since Sunday, your entire studio has become abuzz with stories of Arkship, feedback they received, and plans in the future. I thought this was the team’s first opportunity to interact directly with all the fans, and we couldn’t happen to be more excited to communicate face-to-face with individuals about our plans for WildStar.

The question has become identical over the whole team: Just when was your next Arkship? We’re already planning for it, these times hosted in the united kingdom, to get more eyes (and hands) on WildStar. We’ll convey more  Wildstar Powerleveling specifics of the subsequent event from the coming months.

So is there a proper way to get invited to your future Arkship? It’s easy to understand: become a contributing community member! We’re making certain to get one of the most passionate fans that can provide insightful feedback, so get linked to a fansite, on Facebook, maybe in our WildStar Uplinks. Help you the next occasion the Arkship lands!


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