The quality of Cheap FIFA 14 Coinsis extremely extreme

Notwithstanding there is not new in this way is not surprising since we’re talking about a very veteran football simulator and already have everything you should offer game modes. We are able to take care of some type of computer as its entrador and directing a worldwide network of scouts to discover young talent at a bargain price, or we are able to get to be the rising star inside the player mode.


FIFA CoinsOne meets whatever you expect and wish coming from a football simulation offering fun all night and clashes with your buddys in online mode or along with your second controller. However it just isn’t a title that produces the desire to type in the current generation, although it is significantly much better than the version for 360, does not bring anything really new that did not curently have in previous versions . FIFA 14 surprised us somewhat, but an excellent job EA and integration with Kinect brings us a measure closer to reality and leaves a great feeling for the future. Perhaps an even more online with this friends to competitions, including random tournaments, etc.., Approach gives extra point.


The revolutionary ball control mechanics that provide an even more complex game
Improved FIFA 14 Coins
The visual difference from previous versions of history generation
2.0 Interaction with Kinect
No new offers relevant enough to surprise
The menus are simple and intuitive, navigate totally is heavy
Some hooks that are not considered missing therefore you spoil the play.

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