The PTR will probably be based in the WildStar Gold For Sale

Even as we move towards trying out our bigger  WildStar Gold For Sale content drops, including the upcoming Strain drop, we intend to be checking a fresh server to test on called Nexus or Public Test Realm (PTR for short). Once the PTR receives there are several stuff that you should know about it:

Providing you offer an Active WildStar subscription (NA or EU) it will be easy gain access to the PTR.

Note: This required the c’s perform magical technical manipulations to produce this possible.
“Boost” NPC’s will likely be available in Nexus which will level you up and give you gear.
“Boost” NPC’s are only intended for players that have earned an amount 50 on the Live Realm before 6/12.

We typically in your own time stamps ahead of once the next drop will hit the PTR. Example: Before Drop 2 hits the Wildstar Platinum , we’ll take another time stamp.

We have been considering leaving the PTR up and available 24/7, similar to any other Realm, to the remainder almost daily that Drop 1 (Strain) should be tested.

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