The LFR system only drops loot for your spec that you would like

The smoothness would also have to certainly be a race that supports both classes. As awesome being a Forsaken or a Gnome druid can be, I would not see it happening anytime soon. Granted, this might ensure that races well-known others because of their best wow gold. If required, DCDS could limit you to definitely choosing merely one other class that may be permanently fused in your character.

Loot the theory is that would turned into a much more complicated affair. However, the perfect option would be already in position. The LFR system only drops loot for your spec that you would like. Unfortunately we cannot get to be playing that spec to have loot for it anymore. Bashiok has stated that Blizzard will likely utilize the LFR system within the next expansion’s dungeons. So, should you be a BM hunter along with a brewmaster monk, you can queue to get a dungeon or an LFR raid as a tank, enjoy the instant group, and prepare your hunter spec.

The sole kind of group play that still involves loot decisions is organized guild raiding. Guilds could figure out automatically who’s going to be dedicated to which offspec and distribute loot accordingly. Much less loot could well be sharded by doing this, especially in ten man raids. DCDS also confuses the identity of an player’s character. Whenever you look at your guild’s roster, do you know what each class — and therefore each player — is capable of. However, could it be really any different over a player that can exchange signal of another character? It really involves less needless summoning. *98iuh12

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