The creation of v Costumes and Dye System

Virtually all free online games have dyeing and customization system, the WildStar is no exception. Next, we will introduce the process of dyeing in Wildstar Gold.

Everyone should know that when you want to dye on your costumes you have access to the dye materials at first. So, how could we Dye Materials fast?

1.Drop from monsters, generally the dungeon can drop the high level dye materials.
2.To purchase dye materials from Ah.
3.To acquire it from vendor, when you can only receive the low level dye materials.

When you finally accepted the dye materials you are able to click right answer to use it, then consult Dye Distribution Specialist. Now, you can arrived at this interface:

To find the drop-down WS Gold For Sale under character, you possibly can find the classification from the dyeing. The, all WildStar Items would seem within the left, each items can come up three colors at the very least.

Obviously, different color has different price. In this particular picture, i cost 1 WildStar Platinum for any set items. In case you have enough money, to click Dye, you have carried out it!


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