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Player inside correct position about the Fifa 14 Coins for sale.
personal understanding is 3.
The red line in the wrong position generally speaking, personal perception of a ( player loyalty is just not enough in the case ). Personal understanding highest worth of 10 ( players enough loyalty in the case ).

2, FIFA 14 UT connection now appears with FIFA 13 UT is consistent, which is, Red 0 Orange Line 1 point, only the same league Orange Line 1.5 points, just the same nationality, is similar nationality to over 0.5 Orange Line Green Line 2.5 points.

the identical league + nationalities, different nationalities or with club Green Line 4, with similar nationality because club + Then, a gamer many connections, the amount of points you have to get to the maximum importance of personal understanding.

For instance, you’ll find three ST connection, then this connection linked to him have three points to achieve 9 ( full loyalty of 10 ).

You Fifa Coins for sale understanding what value types must supplement information?

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