Take into account that our newest design is heavily

My name’s Rob Martin, and I’m the modern Senior  WildStar Gold For Sale UI Designer at Carbine. Over the last few months, the UI team continues to be studying the existing state from the UI along with the feedback we’ve received about this.

in order to make a decision on a last design for people to launch with. We’ve spent time and effort recently examining our (and players’!) preferences of the UI, and i am finally ready to reveal some of the work our team’s been up to!

Take into account that our newest design is heavily under development, so lots of things can (and definately will) change before they go into beta, but we wanted to share it early for getting some feedback from our community.

There were a variety of main reasons why we decided to rebuild the HUD. I’ll look at each one briefly and provide guys a preview of what’s in the future in the foreseeable future.

First of all, let’s remind everyone exactly what the current “base” UI appears to be:

Help the “Pyramid” Experience
The “Pyramid” Experience refers back to Wildstar Powerleveling  the current state on the UI, centered in the bottoom in the screen. Usually known as the end bar, throughout development it offers been through a great deal of iteration.

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