Stats and Attributes Guides for Wildstar Platinum Characters

Stats and Attributes Guides for WildStar Characters
Press “P” to open the type sheet, you should find your complete items and basic information.
Max Health: When it comes to Wildstar Platinum , choosing dead. Fairly sense.
Max Shield: When it comes to 0, it begins to consumes your HP. Good sense.
Armor: Affects your all resistance.

Every class possesses six attributes like below. However the effect of the stats are wide and varied. To get more detail, look the sheet below.

These will be the comprehensive analysis:

Strikethrough Chance: The chance to damage regardless the significance of Shield or armor. This is countered by Deflect Chance.

Critical Hit Chance: The opportunity to generate critical hit your enemy. That is countered by Deflect Critical Hit Chance.

Critical Hit Severity: Raise the critical hit damage and Wildstar Gold  various additional heal or damage.

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