Setups on the program floor to let people play Cheap Wildstar Platinum

We’re back from a crazy Ny Comic Con, and immediately after days of pizza, dirty water hotdogs, salted pretzels, sore feet and thrashed voices, we’re none the worse for wear.

From your two friends from Massachusetts  Cheap Wildstar Platinum who drove 4 hours each strategies one particular day to try out WildStar.

to some MOBA player who played through no less than six demos so as to learn how to play an MMO properly, we met people from all parts of society who fell excited about WildStar immediately.

With assistance from Amie Lynn, we developed a few fun showfloor videos:

Amie fulfills a request from Frost,Mark pulls a Walken,And here’s a round-of some of the most popular coverage through the show floor. Enjoy!

MMORPG tries out of the Stalker Class,Interview with TGN,Open World PvP at wildstar gold ,Crafting a Community with Warcry,Diving into WildStar with Impact Gaming

Lastly, keep in mind, a huge thanks to our friends at Logitech and Alienware for providing us while using amazing setups on the program floor to let people play WildStar without the issue. Use a great weekend!

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