Runescape Gold Opens Premier Club!

Runescape Gold Opens Premier Club!
If you the money and interest to spare, then Runescape would like to convince one to spend money on certainly one of its 2013 Premier Club packages.RuneScape Attack Emote
Jagex has unveiled its new limited-time Premier Club membership tiers, which offer extra goodies in exchange for investing in a multi-month subscription.

The bronze package is $23.50 for 3 months, the silver is rs gold for few months, along with the gold is rs gold for the 365 day. Extras include exclusive pets, bonus spins within the squeal of fortune, and use of a VIP server.

Jagex congratulated the city on donating in-game wealth via the Well of Goodwill that had been translated right into a real-world donation by Jagex to several charities. The studio split $90,838 between seven charities. Runescape also just added an amount 92 slayer, the Airut, for players to defeat.
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