runescape 2007 gold event the winter 2014

It is with great pleasure that any of us announce the return of “runescape 2007 gold” in early 2014 year! The cold winter months is often a compilation of events and competitions held on a yearly basis and it is organized exclusively to the Francophone community!

To begin, this is the brief summary of this software Winter 2014

Winter months will become on Saturday, February 1st and can end Thursday, February
A different event is going to be organized daily.

You get points for the participation during these events. The participant accumulating the very best amount of points will probably be crowned champion of Winter 2014!
All events occur on the Winter French server free number 55.

This holiday season could be the French team who’ll organize the winter months: be lenient around because and we don’t contain the habit of organizing such events :) .

You’ll be able to participate in many activities based on the world of runescape gold, like a quiz, a try to find mods as well as combat events where one can satisfy your need to fight or Jon Toom.



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