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On Thursday 9:00 pm BST (5:00 pm EST), tune into RuneRadio and you can listen the modern Above the Lore Podcast, which discuss another master quest and exactly how the planet gate will come into hands per hour. From the podcast, Mods Osborne and Rowley aim to reveal mysterious World Gate, that your various races of Gielinor arrived through. You might enjoy and benefit much as future secrets you love are revealed within this podcast. Just take a rest from your daily business to possess fun from the podcast.

It’s shaped up to being a podcast nobody may wish to miss it all of us wanting to know the dimensions and secrets in the foreseeable future. Even though you missed the prior podcast, it is possible to head over to podbean or iTunes to trap it again. Listen the podcast and turn into the first to know the world gate secretes. Prepare some cheap rs 3 gold on your game simultaneously.

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