Retainers go for usage of equipment Buy FFXI Gil slots

They are often built with an entire number of equipment corresponding on their class and level. In essence, equipping your Retainer Buy FFXI Gil  should really improve the quality of Venture rewards and may even boost the quality and quantity of loot earned during these Ventures.

Retainers is able to level often the participant currently is leveled your particular class. Because of this, when you just have Fisher leveled to 10, your Retainer will probably be capped at level Fisher before you gain levels your Fisher.

It generally is smart to assign your Retainers to classes that you just already have leveled up. Not merely will that permit you to easily level your Retainer to 50, however you will also be capable to equip them hand-me-down gear with not a problem.

Each of your Retainers is usually sent to undertake Ventures. Your retainers do not have to choose the same class and are equipped independently. You’ll be able to change your retainer’s class, nonetheless they will have to begin again at level 1 if you do.


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