Premier League LB choose who Play FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins


FiFA 14 for that long, would like to ask a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins matter, the Premiership LB choose who?
Here are the 12 players to choose:

Personal understanding should be to choose the speed from the players, now amero is preferred, such as offensive player is baines. I am more special, richards is to eat a shadow, about the left, mit reaction 7, slightly less speed, but strong, jumping, heading, the key defense is quite excellent value.

whether or not the defender is probably the top the participant, who strode unless wading, or given that there is certainly physical contact, touch the other side on the ball and lost, and occasionally hit physically stronger, but also that they make an effort to carry.
Do you supply a better suggestion, many Fifa Coins for sale  thanks.

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