Players now have full awareness and context of precisely

Initially, players in FIFA 14 Coins is able to anticipate and respond with human-reactions through Pro Instincts. Players now have full awareness and context of precisely what is unfolding around them – transforming physical play inside the beautiful game.

Pro Instincts manufactured possible by EA SPORTS IGNITE that could power FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. EA SPORTS IGNITE features Future Physics technology that allows players to quickly analyze potential connection between what’s gonna occur around them. This infuses each player with human-like awareness, anticipation, instincts and more importantly, reaction times. All 22 players for the field now make intelligent decisions like they’d in the real match, like anticipating tackles, avoiding tacklers or bracing for physical challenges.
With Pro Instincts, an attacking player is going to be aware about their opponents and may use an arm or turn their body to shrug off the challenge. Previously, players did not have this context with their surroundings, leading to unrealistic and frustrating collisions using the opponent. In FIFA 14 they are going to recognize an oncoming slide tackle and also adjust themselves movement to stop the defender’s leg.

In unavoidable collisions, both players will brace themselves with the impact and extend their arms to break their fall or stumble as they try and regain their balance. For defenders, it is now possible to win the ball by gaining body position using a player while not having to rely solely using a tackle. *98iuh12

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