NXTs Road to Release in Runescape

Making a new client for one of the world’s longest-running 2007 Runescape Gold
will not be a small feat and creates an epic software dare. Add to
that challenge a record-setting content release schedule, and throw
in a number of game systems that are unique in our industry, that
is working towards starting to imagine the work that stood before
our dev team.

2007 Runescape Gold

2007 Runescape Gold

It has been a few years in the making but Jagex is finally from a
point where we can realistically look at unleashing the NXT client
out into the world in the near future and have set the 18th April
as the date.

Most game releases have things to in the last few yards – those
final bits bobs to polish. Runescape’s situation is a slam dunk the
same, the new client is nice and clean of new game (although we
hope rrt is going to feel like it). They do possess a few last
things so before may put it when in front of everyone but, even
then, that isn’t the end.

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