Not ungrateful like a customer just tired of the Buy 07 RS Gold

I acquired exactly the same type of customer care from Buy 07 RS Gold¬†that I’d get from the F2P title this last time.

Not just did it take me harping them about linking my account with my nephews to even summon or give levels however they paid enough for three months and yes it took two months to have my mount on the invite a pal setup. Not what I’d call all of that concerned for first time customers.

Healthy criticism is how games grow. Website traffic companies are more interested in positive reviews that are obtained by less than honest means we have to tell the truth for him or her whether or not we such as rs gold.

I liked a few of the changes although not all of them they didn’t go deep enough out of their cata/vanilla traffic island and i am sure That’s not me alone when you consider so.


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