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The central midfielder of Buy Fifa Coins does not have much to envy in france they, with five “99″: ball control, short passing, free kicks, balance and reaction . Also the best value for the defense: 74 overall, with 63 marking and 84 interceptions.

The weakness of Spanish, as with reality, it does not take speed , as only 72 general value and surely aren’t going to be a difficulty in case you can enjoy his vision with the game in the middle of the field.

Iniesta, general value 95

The whole price of Iniesta resembles that relating to his team-mate, if we rely on one hand “only” four maximum values ??( ball control, dribbling, passing and short reaction ) in comparison to five of Xavi, Andres gets the best stats in speed (82 acceleration , 81 shooting ) as well as in the attack.

A player brought more to the attack compared to the other Spanish, the way it also denotes the rating attack / defense: high / medium.

Yearly 7 days are going to be released the long awaited three-pronged offensive from the Cheap FIFA Coins , that could allow us understand all the statistics with the strongest players in Ultimate Team.

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