Mysteria – Runescape

Starting Wednesday 18th October at 00:00 bold time through to Monday 23rd at 23:59 bold time, Mysteria has taken over Treasure Hunter.

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In Mysteria, one of the 6 beneath promotions will be alive for 4 hours, afore swapping out to the next promotion (safe and cheap RS gold please visit

Smouldering Lamps

Lava Lanterns

Meteor Storm

Celebration Lamps

Hydra Lamps


The times of the promotions will change every day, so you’ll accept to accumulate an eye on what’s advancing up next!

The alone promotions will run from the beneath times:

00:00 – 03:59

04:00 – 07:59

08:00 – 11:59

12:00 – 15:59

16:00 – 19:59

20:00 – 23:59

Note that the prizes are loaded anon if aperture Treasure hunter or claiming a prize, so you may accretion that you accept a accolade from a antecedent advance for your aboriginal key only. Enjoy!

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