Michy Batshuayi demands answers over Fifa 18 ratings afterwards Chelsea goals

Eden Hazard may accept been on the accepting end of some absorbing Fifa 18 ratings, but Chelsea team-mate Michy Batshuayi was not so lucky.


Standard Sport readers may bethink that the adolescent Belgian striker had agnate grievances over his ratings for Fifa 17.

Batshuayi was decidedly anxious about his casual statistics, but accepted that his low arresting ratings were “totally deserved.”

With Fifa 18 set to be appear after this month, Batshuayi’s all-embracing appraisement has alone from 81 to 80 out of a accessible 99, bidding him to get in blow with the game’s developers, EA Sports Fifa.

But Batshuayi’s hopes of a change were apace attempt down on Twitter, with the reply: “Keep scoring goals and we’ll talk…”.

Batshuayi was not impressed, replying: “Hahaha fair point but I’ve been accomplishing this for absolutely a continued time now… even best than the endure time your servers were OK”.

The 23-year-old followed up an absorbing pre-season by abnegation any adventitious of a acting accommodation move and blockage to action for a starting role – a adventitious he took with a ambition adjoin Qarabag in the Champions Alliance on Tuesday night.

But Chelsea team-mate Hazard authoritative the top 10 with an all-embracing account of 90 and Alvaro Morata demography to activity at Stamford Bridge all too easily (MORE CHEAPEST FIFA 18 Coins PS4 HERE), Batshuayi has a claiming to get abundant bold time to altercate that his basic stats charge a little boost.

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