Lost Toys event for black desert

Fixed the issue where WP would decrease after using Hilt Smash.Cool down time for Counter I, II, III has been changed from 6sec. to 5 sec.Cool down time for Force Slash has been changed from 12 sec. to 9 sec.Damage for Ground Slash I, II, III will no longer decreases against players.Cool down time for  Buy Black Desert Silver  has been changed from 30 sec. to 20 sec.Damage for Frenzied Charge has been increased against players.

Damage for Deep Thrust I has been decreased from 80% to 135%Damage for Deep Thrust II has been increased from 103% to 175%.Damage for Deep Thrust III has been increased from 133% to 225%.Cool down time for Piercing Spear has been changed from 12 sec. to 11 sec.Damage for Scars of Dusk has been increased against players.Damage for Ultimate: Deep Thrust has been increased from 80% to 150%.

Buy Black Desert Silver

Buy Black Desert Silver

Soccer Fan Package eventWarfare: Trailer Event eventWarfare for rookies eventWarfare for soldiers event Event details will be shared at patch day.Cash Shop details will be shared at patch day.EXP & RUM event will be extended until Friday’s maintenance.

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