Ladies limitation on having the ability to Safe Wildstar Power leveling trade items

By choosing this method, our system will only match  Safe Wildstar Power leveling you with others that are by yourself realm, allowing for you to it’s the perfect time who you are able to carry on and have fun with after completing instanced content.

There are numerous limitations to our systems, however. We sadly can’t allow you to explore the planet all together along with your friends; as being the world would become too crowded.

But anytime you enter instanced content, whether through battlegrounds, dungeons, arenas, all of your party all will be capable to play together.

Ladies limitation on having the ability to trade items. Because we feel the economy on every realm is very important to maintaining auto stability of the realm, you are unable to have business dealings with your buddies from other realms.

Cross-realm gameplay is something that’s been imperative that you us from the start, which is why getting that tech onto our servers was a priority in early stages.

So do pick your realm at launch without  fear, knowing you can enjoy your pals wherever they end up. Thanks for reading!

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