Just live in the highest 4 inside the league in Brazil

Already the career mode has maintained its base, but features a very small change that alters the gameplay experience.

In “Cheap FIFA Coins “, who wanted to buy a farmer only necessary to try looking in the transfer market, in order to find absolutely all the details concerning this. However it has changed with the help of the ” Global Scouting Network “.

In “FIFA 14″, it is advisable to hire scouts, and provides them the data on the type of player you are behind.

Eventually, you recruit a list that will show rather vague attributes or no attributes by any means.

To find out the stats of those athletes, you should send a scout to accompany him, making the experience much more realistic. The only real exception are the most famous players.

Also added Copa Libertadores “fake”, the Latin Cup. To qualify for the competition, just live in the highest 4 inside the league in Brazil. Unfortunately, there were hardly any other major changes, which remains much like last Buy Fifa 14 Coins .


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