I am a pretty sweaty guy myself in Black Desert power leveling

I am a pretty sweaty guy myself, I’ve spent alot of hours in Black Desert power leveling  game – far more than “most” people. But I am not a rank 1 growth, wealth or
anything like that. I like some variety in my gameplay, and I play many different
classes/characters. I didn’t focus on one thing only. I am also not a part of a big
guild, rather a small group of friends. One that is not strong enough to be competetive
in PvP against the larger and dominant guilds- bottom line is, I can’t expect to fight
for the right to a grinding spot and win.

If someone decides to bully me out, I have nothing else to do but leave. And this is probably true for the majority of all players and casuals. People who don’t play this religiously and join one of the top 5 strongest guilds, don’t stand a chance at catching up, staying competetive for PvP etc. And thus, the elites have full control of saucans (and pirates), manage to kill every soul that wanders into their spots, and keep on pushing the money/gear/level advantage and making it even easier and easier for them to maintan control of the next new “best spot”.

Black desert iteams

Black desert iteams

All this would have made sense on paper, as a design to encourage PvP. However, that is
not how it turned out to be. It doesn’t encourage PvP at all. It simply makes players
stay away and fall behind. Because they won’t be able to compete with those people

Okay. So you tell me “stop crying and join a good guild”. Well, what if I did that?
What if I joined Harmony or one of the other sweat guilds, and I got a spot at
saucans.. that means I took the spot of one of the other 180 players, and nothing
really changed with the big picture. All it did was make me change places with someone
else – but the design flaw remains.

This game design is eerily similar to capitalism in the sense that the rich get richer,
while the poor get poorer. It’s a terrible design desicion and for my part its ruining
the whole game experience.

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