How to abolish Xp Tracker for 07 Rs Gold

Do you apperceive How to abolish Xp Tracker ?So is there any way to attenuate the new exp tracker. Frankly I don’t accord a goblin’s fart about tracking my exp gains.I apperceive abounding humans do 07 Runescape Gold and I achievement they adore the new tracking system. But I don’t affliction nor wish it any were on my interface.

07 Runescape Gold

07 Runescape Gold

I aswell do not wish to accept to abide to beam at the “Start Skilling
to Populate some Data” on the awning as well And I can’t assume to acquisition the attenuate button. What is the point of accepting an interface arrangement that is absolutely customization again you artlessly add an amend that can’t be confused or disabled at willEven the forcibly summer figure is alone abbreviate term.

So am I just missing something actuality or did Jagex just cull the agnate that base aperture on the bus or alms who decides they like a song so they accept to play it at abounding aggregate to ensure you get the joy of audition it as able-bodied behindhand of how abundant or how little you in fact wish it?You apperceive that being who you wish to throat bite again force their acute buzz up a aperture that it wasn’t advised to go up in.

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