How many Adventures Are available Wildstar Powerleveling ?

You’ll have the capacity to start Adventuring at Wildstar Powerleveling5, with faction-specific Exile and Dominion Adventures.

The Exiles will ride drop-pods into Dominion-controlled Auroria to rally the common people in revolt into their first Adventure;

The Hycrest Insurrection. The Dominion will be deliver to the Astrovoid Prison to infiltrate and suppress a riot which could escalate into something considerably more dangerous within the Adventure; Riot from the Void.

After these introductory Adventure s, both factions can play in the War on the Wilds at level 25, the Battle for Tempest Refuge at level 30, the Crimelords of  Safe Wildstar Whitevale and then at level 40 and finally The Malgrave Trail at level 45.

And since they’re Caretaker-made simulations, you’ll be able to play them again whenever you like, uncovering new plot twists and shocking loot revelations.

Whenever you hit level 50, you can then use up four of people Adventures again in Veteran Mode (excluding the two intro Adventures). Veteran Mode improves the difficulty and supplies better yet rewards for anyone hunting for a bigger challenge!



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