Help you next occasion Cheap WS Gold Fans!

Like we’ve through with the whole  Cheap WS Gold re-reveals, we’ll be hosting a Reddit AMA on Thursday at  over at the WildStar Subreddit and pose all of your questions about Dr Healy McDamage (aka The Medic) towards the class devs! They’ve degrees in AWESOME.
This really is absolutely not official in a different sense.

On Saturday the 7th of December you can join us over on our Twitch channel at 12PM PST to the Medic Livestream! We’ll be revealing gameplay footage of the class, and also answering questions through the community.

Given our last few streams also have featured dueling, dungeon bosses and much more you never know what else may arrive!

Make sure you follow us on Cheap Wildstar Platinum  a great email notification on if we’re going live, and follow us on Twitter for live tweets/commentary.

Come along in the future to meet the Engineer and all of their robotic pals!

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