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To the novice Final Fantasy XIV notifications
This game is the warehouse, but many people can not find. His name servant, you can go to the three main cities to find employment maid servant employment counter, and is all free, now seems altogether can hire two people, and they not only help you to store items, but also help you put stalls selling things, the servant can also pinch themselves.

Early in the game will hit a lot of extra equipment, in general there are three kinds of 34 previous powdery green color after the equipment you will increase proficiency when he Daguai full 100 percent proficiency after this piece of equipment can break down, put a piece of equipment into a spar, spar it is this enchant stones, can give additional properties and equipment.

So is not recommended to put the equipment to pull into the store, it will lose a lot of gems, but you can make to 20 games, after the main task is completed, and you will join one of the three major towns IDF town, then you will have a Legion, Legion does have a reputation system, when you reach a certain level Legion rating you can put those with less than garbage and do not want to practice a skilled management Fenlv fitted to the Army in exchange for military ticket, you can amount to   exchange for a new more advanced equipment to strengthen their legions.


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