Final Fantasy XIV regional and urban Gerry dani

Forest country Gerry dani is located in the east, Leonard aldi there lies the huge and lush forests and kept flowing river. Maze curved channel and huge wooden buildings constitutes the Gerry dani, the city looked like a jigsaw, beautiful building and construction to make it and the surrounding natural environment.

Gerry dani, pay attention to the harmony of nature, so in the city-state of Eorzea, the city’s forestry, carpenter industry and leather industry. Gerry dani or ghost cry at the same time base. This group of radical forest guard is good at using long weapon, and protect the forest home of the responsibility.

God nuo benfica in abundance Gerry dani popular in public worship, but illusion of wise is widely trusted.Illusion huang is a group of young oracle, they according to forest yuan spirit will guide the whole country.

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