Final Fantasy Patch Dungeon Buy FFXI Gil Detail Analysis

The newest content of Buy FFXI Gil Patch 2.3 has become released for quite a while, most of players can’t wait to play it with friends. Inevitably, on this new patch, FFXIV development has added 3 new dungeons.

Today, we have been glad to introduce the FFXIV dungeon Hullbreaker Isle in patch 2.3 which uses a light portion of 4 players and average item level of or maybe more to enter.

The first two bosses it is best to take notice of the AOE skills.The 1st gorillas isn’too much, the AOE skill called Stool Pelt that would do around 2000 problems for a random party member from time to time.

Everytime the boss beats his chest you must drop bananas for that boss to nibble on. As well as the add will steal the bananas as long as they still alive, and so the DPS should finish all adds as soon as possible.

It might be easy and simple one out of this  Final Fantasy XIV Gil dungeon which will summon Water Orbs AOE skills.Don’t close to the orbs, selecting sucked in the Watery Grave. Many people in this particular party must arrive at a bubble and let Watery Grav lift it.


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