FIFA World Cup is the most accessible FIFA game

A large point of contention I had for FIFA World Cu. was its price point: coming in at new in retail. While this isn’t unusual for a AAA game like FIFA, it feels far  Fifa 14 Coins for sale too much for what could have easily been a

expansion. It lacks the major drawing point of Ultimate Team – the backbone of the FIFA franchise, and has a very limited shelf life. Once the World Cup is over and people begin to move on I suspect it will be largely impossible to find a populated multi-player server.

Producer Matt Prior told IGN it will be the “most accessible FIFA game we’ve ever made,” by adding new features.

A key inclusion for the casual market and young kids is a two-button control option to help unfamiliar players get into a game and have success — we know young kids want to play but can find it hard to learn the full control scheme.

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