FIFA Series: FIFA 16 formation Reviews


With the European Cup fiery extent,FIFA fans not just stay in the game of football ornamental level. We know that Iceland is no doubt this session European Cup dark horse, only has 33 million people in Iceland national team, even all the way go to the European Cup quarter-finals match, in fact, Fifa Coins Account  football players will know, football game tactical demanding . When we play the FIFA 16 game, FIFA 16 game formation Reviews also need our concern. The first to share using the popular FIFA 16 array 41212, 352 and the FIFA game player.

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For 41212 formation, I believe we are not familiar, in the second “2″ position on two fast strikers, for example, Sturridge Lucas, this generation is the basic road straight plug single-handedly fight sidewalk 433 opened with a pseudo-9 formation. In FIFA 16 game, I love playing the dual CM 41212. Central unaccustomed defensive pressure. On bilateral avant-garde, walk directly out of the side is certainly easier than double-CM, and faster. Double CM version, to be left blank on the other side, we saw the opportunity to turn over the raid very quickly. Or say: CM double that, but to go in the next move in the dark side; the avant-garde that bilateral (usually CDM and CAM capabilities are strong) side to go out in the middle of the dark strokes.

Next is the use of 352 formation. In FIFA 16 game has been played 352, by advancing the ball midfield back foot, 30m at straight. Suddenly found useless neutral to the wing break, after the end of the next two options if there are tall center can play golf pass bombing, if the wing dribbling into the box and ready to dish out lead shot or the ball the goalkeeper.Feeling FIFA 16 has been adjusted, sidewalks difficulty a lot higher. Pass accuracy is low, the difference moves forward, neutral and less opportunity, dribbling into the penalty area is difficult, anyway, this tactic success rate of 80%. Now more dependent on the straight, are wondering if any new tactics.

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