FIFA 14 Coins TIPS How you can COUNTER Underhand

Football journalist and FIFA 14 Coins fan Darren Cross examines what you can do to counter a superior pressure tactic in free online games…

Underhand is definitely effective tactic inside real world plus the game when it’s used well, and over many years of playing FIFA I’ve lost many matches to opponents that had been excellent at applying a great deal of pressure whenever I did the ball.

I felt rushed against top notch pressers and would often find yourself either forcing a aerial that wasn’t really on or trying an aimless hit-and-hope long ball, both of which almost always led to me losing possession. Constantly giving the ball away meant facing wave after wave of counter-attacks from my FIFA Coins, so it was difficult for me to acquire results.

But because the games proceeded I eventually resolved that this step to countering questionable in FIFA would have been to keep the ball getting around the pitch while looking out for gaps examining inside my opponents’ teams, which might usually happen after fairly short time frames given that they were pressing the ball so aggressively and wandering out of position.

You can find of course still plenty of times now when I get trapped by underhand players, usually because I’ve made a poor decision, hit a poor pass or taken too much on the golf ball. Usually I really do a lot better against this sort of tactic than I did before, so in this week’s Backpage we’re likely to examine a few of the things that assist me to to help keep the ball moving, avoid tackles, pioneer space and make better chances in attack.

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