Complaints in the BoL were that it was not dense enough

So everyone seems upset on the potential death of Bandos (and fewer likely, Armadyl) that is coming with the next World Event. I’m here to provide a counterpoint fot it view.

1) We have enough runescape gold.
One dying won’t function as day of reckoning. There are more to pick up the slack and enable for good story lines still. Due to Sliske’s game, prepare yourself for some need to be deaths anyway – you will want to now?

2) Bandos sucks.
Like really. Who likes him? Not me. I doubt lots of people do. Although it’s “sad” for his followers, if he is doing die, it’ll be satisfying. He should die. We got what he could be competent at, and removing him through the game will always make Gielinor safer.

3) It’ll create an even better world event.
Complaints in the BoL were that it was not dense enough, it turned out a grindfest, rrt had been inconsequential. Imagine if we understand a God will die? The event will actually have meaning, be driven, and individuals will in reality know why they are participating.

4) It progresses situation.
This story has become built up wonderfully – IMO, we don’t need anymore exposition of character development. It’s time for stuff to occur. And, well, you might say it’s not good for rs gold players (in its entirety) to decide how things continue; well, I say fot it, who’s shouldn’t depend on players to decide that things will not progress. 8gjaljo838


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