“It’s this honor being here, we’d prefer to thank our Mum, Dad, in addition to our cat, ‘Mittens’…”
Just kidding! Don’t worry Cheap Wildstar Platinum  fans we’re not going to make you go through our carefully prepared and scripted award acceptance speech and CRB_Aether leaves his tuxedo at home (this time).

However, we would like to mention a couple of amazing awards that WildStar found recently at PAX Prime and gamescom 2013. These awards show that all the team’s efforts and dedication isn’t without reason and provide all of us a great warm fuzzy feeling inside!
Here’s what they were required to say about us:

“WildStar may not be developing until early 2014 now, but i am not saying the sci-fi fantasy MMORPG isn’t getting good impressive with each passing show. The PVP was on to the ground, showing exactly how the active combat will work within a competitive space. Meanwhile, nowadays, i was treated a great excellent demo with the dungeons in Nexus.

The bottomline is: they’re the amount of group experience plenty of folks have been craving . While there’s some controversy surrounding the telegraphs in combat, you can safely say they work efficiently to aid coordinate in groups, and we’re now anxiously awaiting our beta invites. Spring of 2014 can’t come early.”

We’d prefer to give you thanks to ZAM, and to the awards! We’re as happy as an Exile for a  Safe Wildstar Powerleveling hoedown!

For now, the subsequent page of Tales from Beyond the Fringe will be on Friday the 6th! Should you missed part one, research it here.
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