Cheap Fifa Coins , PS4, AND PC To not get FIFA WORLD CUP GAME

Cheap Fifa Coins  launches April 15. No Xbox One, PS4 or PC versions in development, but next-gen consoles will get a “variety of World Cup content and tournaments” within Ultimate Team.

However the official 2014 FIFA World Cup game won’t be available for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, EA Sports confirmed on Twitter that FIFA 14 on those platforms should have a “choice of World Cup content and tournaments” within FIFA Ultimate Team.

More news is going to be shared because the tournament approaches.

An original story is below.
EA Sports will release the state bet on the 2014 FIFA World Cup for that Xbox 360 system and Ps3 on April 15. There isn’t any PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 versions in the game in development.

When questioned in regards to the insufficient Cheap Fut Coins and PlayStation 4 versions, producer Matthew Prior told GameSpot that due to the international benefit of the action, they expect nearly all fans for being playing on current-gen systems.

Emerging markets, for instance host nation Brazil, had prohibitively low next-gen adoption rates.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will feature an updated version from the Impact Engine utilized in the Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions of FIFA 14.

Improvements to dribbling, increased accuracy in passing along with a more forgiving fist-touch mechanic are among improvements towards on-pitch action detailed to GameSpot by producer Matthew Prior. The experience will have a host of new and returning modes including:

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